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In one of the earlier discussed articles on adding recipient details, we’ve mentioned that the recipient details can be added using more than one method, adding them one by one, importing, API and the web forms. The following article discusses the latter.

In this Article

  • How can I create Sign-Up forms in MailCarry?
  • How to view, manage and use Web-Forms?

Under the “Forms/Layouts” on the main navigation click “Web Forms”, then clicking the “Create Web Form” button from the top-left area will open up a small window on your screen using which you’ll create the web-form.


Provide a suitable name for the form i.e. new signs-ups; it is to be used internally for the system reference.

What Happens with Duplicate Entry?

For this part, you’ll set your preference for the duplicate entries if already exist in the destination list. There are two options from which you can select one.

  1. Skip the duplicate entry from getting saved to the destination list.
  2. Overwrite the existing entry with the one coming from the sign-up form.


Select a list from the available ones to save the details of recipients who subscribe through the web form.

Custom Fields

The additional information you would require from the contact side to provide as a part of subscribing to the list. Email is the default field and it will appear with every form, and any contact who subscribes to the list has to fill this Email field. However, if you require additional information from the contact/recipient side such as First Name, Gender and such, you’ll need to select the desired custom fields. Make sure, the custom fields that appear here for the selection are only those that you already have connected/attached with the list you’ve selected above.  

View, Manage and the Use of Web Forms

The page where you land after clicking “Web Forms” from the main navigation will show you a table providing the list of created web forms. Here is the information that the table provides with regard to the saved web forms.

  • ID– every web is assigned a distinct ID within the system
  • Name– The name of the web form that you provided to keep a reference
  • Created– Date and time of the creation

Under the Actions

How can I edit a Web Form?

Under the actions menu of the specific web form you want to edit, clicking “Edit” will lead you to the edit page. You’ll have the ability to edit and update all the fields and preferences.

How can I delete Web Forms?

Click “Delete” under the “Action” menu of the specific web form you want to delete. It will result in deleting only that specific web form from the system. To delete multiple records in one go, first, select the records, then move the “Delete” under another “Actions” menu placed slightly above the right side of the table.

How can I copy a Web Form?

Making a copy means all of the preference for the form fields and duplicate entries will be copied in the new form that the system will create by incrementing the “Copy” with the name of the original record.

How can I View and Test a Web Form?

“View” under the “Actions” menu of a specific web form helps you view and test the working of a web form. It pops-up the live form on your screen that you can test by filling the form details. Upon filling all details correctly, you’ll see the confirm subscription page on your screen.

How can I use Web Form with my Webpage?

Click “Get HTML” under the “Actions” menu of a specific web form to grab the form HTML, and then use this HTML with your webpage. The form doesn’t only start appearing on your webpage, but also work perfectly for the new subscribers to work with the form fields and get their details saved to the specific list selected for the web-form within MailCarry.

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