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When you are sending emails especially to the major email inboxes like Gmail, Yahoo, and others. You might have come across the recommendations by the email gurus to keep changing the content by using dynamic values, like merge tags, snippets or what call-in MailCarry system or custom variables/shortcodes. Spintag is another handy feature you can use to keep changing/rotating the pieces of content in your email. Let’s see how can do it.

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  • How can I add Spintags?
  • How Spintag works?
  • How can I view Spintags?

Click “Spintags” from the main navigation under the “Automation” head, click the “Add Spintag” button from the left side of the table to start adding the new spintag. The process consists of two simple fields discussed in the following area.


In a spintag, you have an original expression that you are looking to replace with synonymous looking words/phrases or expression. Like, Hello can be the greeting expression in first place, but you don’t want to stick with just Hello and want to use its synonymous greeting expressions too. So, you’ll write the “Hello” as a reference in the Name field and move to the following field for completing the process.


Like it was mentioned before, If you don’t want to stick to hello as greeting expression and want to automatically rotate it with other synonymous words like Hi, Hey and others including the, hello, you should write them all one by one separated by the line (Enter) in this text box. You can rotate words and even complete phrases for your email content.

How spintag Works?

When you setup content for your email campaign, you see a small button of “Shortcodes” below the HTML editor you can click to view the dynamic values you can add within the content. “Spintags” is one of the values you can add. Saved spintags will appear with the names for the selection. And when you select a spintag, the system will automatically rotate the content area with the spintag values for every recipient in the list. Let’s take Hello example again; if the first recipient in the list receives the email with a greeting expression as Hello, the next will automatically receive with the synonymous expression Hi and the next as Hey, etc. The cycle continues and repeats in the cyclic rotation for all the recipients in the list.

Where can I view the Spintags?

The front page of spintags loads all existing spintags in the table with the following information and the ability to manage the spintags.

  • Name– The first column of the view table shows the names of spintags, every row of the column shows a spate spintag value.
  • Created– The date and time when the spintag was being created and saved.

Under the Action

How can I edit the spintag?

You can click “Edit” under the “Actions” menu of the specific spintag you want to edit the values of.

How can I delete the spintag?

Like other view pages across the application, you can simply click delete under the “Actions” menu to delete the specific record or you can also select records by ticking the checkboxes and then click “Delete” from the top of the table to delete multiple records in one go.

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