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Drip campaigns are known with other names too, like, lifecycle marketing, drip marketing, auto-responders or even drips sometimes. The concept is similar for all these terms, a series of marketing emails that are automatically sent on a present schedule.

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  • How can I create drip campaigns within MailCarry?

“Drips” has a separate link on main navigation which has two further pages in the sub-menu, 1) View all Drips and 2) Schedules. In this article, we are discussing the former one. Where “View all Drips” show a list of all drips in the system, but you need to set up a few drips before the view table has some records. So let’s first click “Add new Drip” from the left side of the page and it opens up a small pop-up window on your screen with a set of fields, preferences, and selections.


Mark the status as “Active” or “Inactive” using the toggle option. Only the Drips with active status are processed for sending, inactive drips are ignored.


Groups play a vital role in drip campaigns as you don’t schedule each drip separately, you actually create groups and add drips in a particular group, and later schedule this group to initiate sending on predefined intervals. Click the small plus (+) sign to create a new drip group, and select the preferred group from the “Group” dropdown. Your selection indicates that this drip will eventually be added to this selected group.


Provide a name to the new drip, i.e. 1st Drip. The name is for internal system reference and this name will help you identify this drip within the drip group.


All existing campaigns in the system are listed here. You can select the preferred one from the list. You can choose from the existing ones, or create all-new content series for the drips.

How can I create Campaigns?


It is where you define the sending schedule for the drip. There are two options from which you can select one.

  • Instant– Select this option to send this drip instantly soon after this group is scheduled for sending. It is mostly the initial drip that you may need to save with this instantly sending preference. And for the rest of the drip emails in the group, you may need to select the latter option discussed below.
  • After– Define the time after which the drip will be sent. Say you’ve selected “After-1-Hour”, it directs the system to wait for an hour from the time drip group is moved to the sending queue, and upon reaching the predefined time, initiate sending automatically. This is how you schedule and predefine the time interval for all the drips in a specific drip group.

Click “Save” to save your preferences, “Exit” to leave the page without saving and “Save and Add another” to save the current preference and reopen the page for a new entry.

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