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You can view all of the lists you’ve in your system, collectively all in one place. Instead of knitting the functions in a complex structure, MailCarry has made a simple arrangement of the navigational elements. It would help you manage the things with ease. The whole structure of the application follows this arrangement, where you add some resources like list, recipient, a campaign into the system, and view/manage these resources from a separate page on the main navigation.

In this article…

  • How can you view all lists?
  • How can I Edit recipient list details?
  • How can I delete the recipient list?
  • How can I view the recipient list?

On this view page, all currently available lists are displayed in a table. Each row of the table represents a separate list and columns next to the ID provide information with regard to the respective list. Information includes,

  • The ID of the List
  • Name of the List
  • Group List belongs to
  • Number of recipients in a particular list
  • Date of creation

And a list of actions you can perform is discussed below.

How can I Delete a List Group?

Right under the Action column, you’ll see three small icons; each represents a unique action you can perform upon clicking.

  • If you want to edit the group, the first icon from the left
  • If you want to delete the group, the middle icon. This option will delete the group name only and move its lists to another group you select.
  • If you want to delete both the group as well as its list, click the first icon from the right.

If you hover on any icon, you’ll get to know about the action it will perform. Plus, you’re prompted with a warning message before the application performs actions like “Deleting” a resource.

Notes and Alerts

How can I move the list to another group?

Under the “Action” menu of a specific list, you can notice the function of “Move”, clicking on it pops-up all group names on your screen to select one where you want this list to move.

How can I view or edit a specific list?

Under the action menu on the View Lists page, you’ve got the action names you can perform by clicking. Clicking view pops-up a window carrying all information related to a specific list. If the edit is being clicked, it will take you to the EDIT list page.

Add or Import Recipients

The Actions dropdown has icons in-place for these. The process of importing or adding recipients is discussed in detail in separate articles you can refer to by clicking.

  • How can I add Recipients to a list manually in MailCarry?
  • How can I bulk Import recipients’ details in MailCarry?

How can I delete or empty the recipient list?

Delete operation can be performed in a couple of ways. Simply clicking “Delete” under the list based “Action” menu to delete a specific list. Or select one or multiple lists first, and then clicking “Delete” from under the action menu placed slightly above the right side area of the view table. Deleting the list will delete both the list as well as the recipients saved with this list. But, if you want to keep the list and delete the recipients only, then use the “Empty” function to empty the list by deleting the recipient details, but keeping the list.

How can I split the list to another group?

Click “Split” if you want to split the list into more equally distributed parts.

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