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After setting up a few campaigns in the system, you’ll see the table on Campaigns page has started populating. The table carries information with regard to all existing campaigns (content) you’ve in your system. This information is related to the campaign group, name, and other general preferences, and this page doesn’t provide you information with regard to the sending stats of this campaign. The sending and scheduling of certain campaign is discussed later in this section of Campaigns under “Schedules”

In this Article…

  • Where can I view all existing campaigns?
  • How can I manage campaign groups?
  • How can I edit a campaign?
  • How can I delete a campaign?
  • How I can test a campaign?

All Campaigns

Follow this path Campaigns->Campaigns from the main left navigation to reach out to the page where all existing campaigns are listed. Each row of the table represents a unique record/campaign, and towards the final column, you see a dropdown of “Actions” to help you perform a number of actions to manage a specific campaign. The information every column shows.

  • ID- of the Campaign
  • Name- of the Campaign provided while creating
  • Group- Which group campaign is assigned to
  • Created- Date when the email was being created/saved in the system

How can I delete or manage Campaign Groups?

Every campaign is assigned to a group while creating. In the view table, all campaigns are categorized and listed under their respective groups. You can perform the following actions from the table to manage the groups.

Edit– Under the action column there are three icons, first from the left is for editing the name of a group.

Delete- The middle one is for deleting the group while the campaigns assigned to this group will be moved to another group.

Delete Group & Campaigns- Clicking the last icon in the row will delete both, the group and the campaigns under this group.

Make sure the delete action isn’t recoverable and it permanently deletes the resources


How can I move a campaign to another group?

Under the action column of a specific campaign in the table, you’ll an action of “Move”.  Clicking on it pops-up a window with the group name on your screen to select and move this campaign to the newly selected group.

Under the Actions Dropdown

How can I edit a Campaign?

By simply clicking “Edit” from the Actions dropdown will help you edit the campaign details.

How can make a Copy of Campaign?

Clicking on it will make a copy of your campaign by copying the content and other preferences. However, to keep the name distinct from the original, it will add up a word like “Copy” with the campaign name.

How can I delete the Campaigns?

Delete operation can be performed in a couple of ways. Simply clicking “Delete” under the campaign-specific “Action” dropdown. Or selecting one or multiple campaigns first, and then clicking “Delete” from under the action menu placed slightly above the right side area of the view table.

How can I test send the Campaign?

Clicking “Send Test Email” from the “Actions” dropdown will open up a new small window on your screen with two selections, 1) Providing a destination inbox to receive the test of this specific campaign and 2) selecting an SMTP or Delivery Service from the existing ones to send this test email.

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