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Custom Fields

The custom data fields, fields or custom fields are actually the fields you can create to save contact information other than just email. In email programs, the email field is set as a default field with every list you create. But what if you have other information collected from the subscriber/contact side, like First Name, Company Name, Job Title, Website URL and other such information? Well, custom fields function will help you add an additional field into the system; connect this with your list and later save respective contact details into that particular field.

In this Article—

  • How can I add additional/custom fields?
  • What type of custom fields I can add?
  • How can I manage, edit or delete the custom fields?
  • How can I add additional/custom fields?

The “Custom Field” page is in-placed under “List” on the main navigation. On this page, clicking “Add Custom Field” opens up a small window on your screen carrying the options and settings for a new field.

  1. Name of the field you want to save. It is better if you give names according to the type of information the field will carry, i.e. the First Name, if this field is going to carry the first name information of the contact. Later, when you use these fields for personalization, names will help you easily select the custom/merge tag.
  2. From simple text fields to radio buttons, dropdown options and checkboxes, there are nearly 7 types of fields you can currently add into the system. Make sure, you add a type of field the best suit the sort of information needs to be saved in this field. A Radio Button or Checkboxes would suit the Gender field better than just a random Text field.
  3. Assign the newly created custom field to a contact list. No contact list can carry specific data that it doesn’t have a field for, i.e. if your contacts will have first name information, make sure you’ve assigned First Name field to the contact list while creating.

How can I manage and edit the custom field?

You don’t only use “Custom Fields” page for creating a new field, but also for viewing the existing fields saved in the system and managing them from one centralized position. If you want to edit a specific custom field, click “Edit” under the “Actions” menu.

How can I delete a custom field?

  1. If you are selecting delete under the “Actions” column, you’ll only delete a specific custom field in which the “Actions” column you are in.
  2. If you select delete under the “Action” dropdown place slightly above the right area of the table, it will only delete the selected records. You can select one or multiple records.

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