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Keeping the application updated guarantees that your current installation is performing with its full potential. Software updates are usual things for the computer or mobile device users, MailCarry too releases updates for its users to stay with the most updated version of the software. The updates may include security patches, fixing of the bugs and compatibility issues, new feature addition and existing features enhancement also. Therefore, it is always recommended to keep the latest version available for your MailCarry installation. From the “Update” page under the “Tools” on the main navigation, you can make sure of the software version you are currently using and if there is any update available.

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  • How can I update MailCarry?

When MailCarry releases a new software update, all current installations are prompt with a notification to proceed with the new update. It is always recommended to install these updates when available. However, you can always check the new version update if available by following the path Main Navigations -> Tools -> Updates.  If your installation is updated, you are shown with a message that “your application version is up to date”, and if not, you can always choose the “update” button to update your application to the latest version available.

What is my MailCarry License Key?

MailCarry assigns a unique pattern of the software license key to all authorized users/subscribers of MailCarry. A valid license key authorizes your access to the software and enables MailCarry to authenticate your installation for future updates, fixes and security patches. Click “Update” under the “Tools” menu from the main navigation and the resulting page will show you the following information.

  • Current Version– The current version of software your installation is using
  • Latest Available Version– What is the latest software version available to help you compare your current version with the available one. If you are running an old version, you can choose to update the software to the latest version.
  • License Key– The license key of your current installation

What changes are made in the recent update?

You can wonder why you should update when everything is working fine for you, what’s important in the recent version for you to update the software. Well, you can always check the “ChangeLogs” to learn what the new version update holds. The changelogs maintain the log of changes, additions, and fixes introduced in every new version.

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