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Image Manager

If you want a centralized function to separately manage all the images you want to use later in your campaigns, the image manager is the tool for you. The image manager tool will help you upload and save the required images to a destination folder in the user directory of the server that you can later browse to embed in an email campaign while creating it. Let’s take a look at the process.

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  • How does image manager work?

From the main navigation under the “Tools”, click “Image Manager” to land the desired page for uploading images to a server destination folder.

Choose Image/File

Browse your system to select the image file that you want to upload and keep it saved in the image folder in the server. There is a section on the left side that will give you a preview of the image that you want to upload and save. Click “Submit” to finally submit this image to save in the server folder.

Currently Saved Images in Folder

The area underneath the upload section is displaying the images that have already been uploaded and in the image manager. You can click view from the left side corner of any image to view it full size in the next tab, or can click the cross button at the right side corner of the image to delete/remove it from the image manager gallery. The image will also be deleted from the user directory in the server.

How can I use gallery images while creating a campaign?

When you create an email campaign, the toolbox of the HTML editor has the image icon to help you add images in your campaign. Clicking this small image icon will open the image utility using which you’ll be able to browse the server and use desired images from the ones you already have in the image manager gallery.

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