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View & Manage Segments

Segments aren’t stagnant components, it is a criterion that system saves and keeps automatically updating the segments with the new recipients meeting the set criteria.

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  • Where can I view Segments?
  • How can I use segmented criteria?

The front page that opens after clicking “Segments” from the main navigation lists all existing segments in the system. Let’s see what options we have on the view page.

  • Name– Every segment is saved with its name and can be identified with its name in the view table
  • Type– Currently, you’ve main types of segments, campaign and the list-based and we’ve discussed both earlier in this article.
  • Total– It shows the number of recipients who’ve qualified for the segmented criteria. The system constantly updates this count for the newly qualified recipients. For example, if a segment is collecting the opens of Campaign A, the system shall certainly collect the recipients who’ve already opened, but also keeps monitoring and adding the recipients who will open this campaign A, when they will open.
  • Action– Status of current action being performed with a specific segment, i.e. progress of the export
  • Created– The date and time when the segment was being created and saved in the system

Under the Actions

Most of the actions under the actions menu in the last column are the same for both the list based and the campaign based segments with just a couple of actions additional in the list-based segment. First, lets discuss the actions common for both list and campaign based segments.

How can I edit a segment?

Simply by clicking the edit icon under the action menu from the last column of the table, you will have the ability to edit and update all previously saved preferences, settings, and rules.

How can I export the segment?

Export under the “Actions” menu helps you export a.CSV of the filtered records in the segment. the export process works in the background and keeps on running until finished. You can navigate away to work on the other task until the progress completes and the export process finishes.

How can I delete the segment?

If you no longer keep a segment in your list, you can use “Delete” under the “Action” menu of that particular segment in the table. If you want to delete multiple records from the table, ticket the checkboxes from the first column, and then press delete under the action menu placed slightly right side above the view table.

How can I Move or Copy Segment?

The actions are specific to the list-based segment and only appear under the action menu if the segment is list-based. Once clicked, you’ll be asked to select the list from the available lists in the system. Copying will copy in the selected destination list but keep records saved in the segment as well. However, moving will move the records to the destination list from the segment and the records will no longer exist in the segment.

How can I use the Segment?

The recipients filtered and collected for a specific segment can be used for setting up a new campaign, by copying or moving the filtered records to a list. Moreover, the segmented criteria can be selected for a “Follow-Up” campaign too. And as per the logic, whenever a recipient qualifies for the criteria, he/she will receive the follow-up.

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